We Love Jonava 2018

On August 4th the City Celebration ruffled at Jonava. 268 years anniversary was mentioned with many activities; from the early morning people could visit cat exhibition, buy handmade things, try interactive game “Know Jonava active”, many sports activities, dance. A bit later started the Family Picnic at Joninės Valley – the event for the whole family with activities and shows for all age people: brain battles, darts, educational programs, painting, table games, foam show, presentations of various organizations.

For those who cannot live without sports, different games were prepared: beach volleyball, football game between FC “Jonava” and FC “Stumbras” and, of course an incredible 268 meters running where you had to overcome the distance in the most unusual style. The most attention took Sintek Jonava basketball 3×3 tournament, where players competed not just in the basketball court but also had an opportunity to try their luck in a lottery to win an unforgettable trip for two to everyone loved Antalya. The winner was revealed after awards by shuffle and this lucky winner was – Ričardas Belopetravičius. This is not the end, Sintek Jonava club promises contests like this and during the season, so do not forget to come to the Jonava arena, support the team and enjoy basketball.

The evening part started with companies parade followed by an amazing concert “We love Jonava” with the famous Lithuanian bands as “La Forza”, “Lemon Joy” and “Naktinės personos”. The whole evening the audience was entertained with incredible and always funny “Radistai” who did not let them to be sad. At the middle of the concert the scene was shortly captured by Jonava Mayor Eugenijus Sabutis, Onur Atakay the President of the Sintek Company, and Murat Didin, the famous Turkish coach. “Good evening, Jonava!” – Onur Atakay greets in Lithuanian with everyone. Upon arriving in Jonava, he hoped it was a beautiful city, but on arrival expectations were exceeded. He is glad to be here and also feels a privilege to be a part of this beautiful city and Lithuania. “Thank you very much!” – again Onur Atakay told in Lithuanian. The mayor rejoiced and thanked the Sintek Company for investing precisely in the Jonava Basketball Club, due to its residents and strong community. The Mayor expressed his gratitude with a symbolic gift – amber oak. “I believe that Sintek will be one of the strongest branches in our basketball and sports, supporting our basketball,” the mayor said. Besides the gift, the mayor of Jonava received a gift of exclusively for this celebration created t-shirt from Murat Didin. The coach was glad to see so many people gathered at the festival and was hoping that in the season everyone will gather in the Jonava Arena not only for basketball, but also enjoy life and communication.

During the celebration many surprises were prepared: 1000 free ice-creams by Lidl, free Ayran by Yayla, awards “Made in Jonava”, where Jonavans were honored for their achievements and, of course unforgettable fireworks show by Fejerija.

If you did not attend this celebration you should grind your nails right now, but everything is fixed – come to the Jonava City Celebration next year!

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